Hatton Boarding Kennels

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Caring for your beloved pets since 1990

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4 Wolverhampton Road




TF11 9HP

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday: 9:30-11am / 3:30-6pm
Sunday: 3:30 - 6pm

Bank Holidays: 4pm - 5pm ONLY

Closed Christmas Day to Public 


Each individual kennel boasts  an open plan frontage to allow access to all day fresh-air. Each kennel has its own bedroom offering temperature controlled heating and air conditioning. We have single, double and family kennels available offering these amenities. 

We are fully licensed by Shropshire Council every year and a copy of our license is on display in our reception. Each dog is fully insured whilst they are with us by PetPlan Sanctuary. 

Each dog is exercised individually in our grassed paddock twice daily for approximately 20-30 minutes each walk allowing time out of the kennels. Toys are available through-out the day for your dog but we are more than happy to put any toys from home in there living space to.

Bedding is provided free-of-charge and is changed daily. You may bring your own bedding with you, and it will be returned at the end of there stay. Some owners prefer to bring blankets as a sense of smell from home. 

Every dog must be fully vaccinated at time of Check-In. We do not insist on the Kennel Cough vaccine however, if you would like to have this vaccine please allow 7 days before the dog boards with us as it is a live vaccine. 


Daily Routine

6am - 6:30am Dogs are woken up to stretch their legs in the kennels before walks to ensure ligament damage is not caused.

7am - 8:30am - Kennel Bedrooms are cleaned using animal friendly disinfectants and bedding is changed.

6am - 10am - Guests are fed at times between this as specified by their owners on Check-In.

11am - 1pm - Dogs are walked in our grassed paddock for around 25 mins individually.

12noon - 3pm - Guests are fed at times between this as specified by their owners.

4pm - 5pm - Viewings of Guest Accommodation

6pm - 8pm - Guests are walked again and fed as specified by their owners.

8pm - 10pm - Bed Time for all our guests depending on time of year.